One Is The Most Important Number In Cyber Threat Prevention

Fans of classic rock will no doubt recognize the song “One” made famous by Three Dog Night in 1968, but actually written by Harry Nillson. Once you hear the line “one is the loneliest number” it seems to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. As an IT security professional, this should especially get stuck in your head as a reminder that all it ever takes is one person, bad-actor, malware or slip up in your cyber threat prevention strategy to cause catastrophic damage to your organization.

"One" Costs More Than You Think

We all implicitly understand that our IT Security strategy is only as strong as its weakest component. The cost of that breach will have a significant impact on your organization, especially if it is based in the United States.  According to Forbes contributor Neil McCarthy in his article titled “The Average Cost Of A Data Breach Is Highest In The U.S.” the average cost of a breach globally is $3.86M but that cost jumps to $7.91M in the United States.

How Much Is Enough?

Since it only takes once breach and you have to protect everything, it goes without saying that you will probably need a lot of budget for the proper coverage. The question of protection may not be just a discussion of IT spend though. Garter did a press release headlined “Gartner Says Many Organizations Falsely Equate IT Security Spending With Maturity” and reported:

“According to Gartner, the majority of organizations will continue to misuse average IT security spending figures as a proxy for assessing security posture through 2020.”

And went on to say,

“According to Gartner research, secure organizations can sometimes spend less than average on security as a percentage of the IT budget. The lowest-spending 20 percent of organizations are composed of two distinctly different types of organizations:

  1. Unsecure organizations that underspend; and
  2. Secure organizations that have implemented best practices for IT operations and security that reduce the overall complexity of the IT infrastructure and work toward reducing the number of security vulnerabilities.

Gartner's view is that enterprises should be spending between 4 and 7 percent of their IT budgets on IT security: lower in the range if they have mature systems, higher if they are wide open and at risk. This represents the budget under the control and responsibility of the CISO, and not the "real" or total budget.”

Since it’s not really a function of how much you spend the we suggest what is needed is a cyber threat prevention strategy that can’t be evaded and then your “one” may become “zero”.

Truly Evasion Proof Prevention From "One"

The addition of Solebit into the Mimecast family gives you a leg up on preventing that one entry into your cyber environment. Further enhancing Mimecast’s cyber resilience platform architecture, Solebit provides powerful threat protection to help customers face today’s broad threat landscape with evasion-aware, signature-less technology. The Solebit solution uses Multi-Tier protection to defend against attacks at different levels of the stack. This comprehensive approach is powerful, as evasion techniques may spread across different layers. The solution protects against advanced malware by using Solebit’s deep inspection that analyzes commands at the CPU level, all the way up to the application level, analyzing macros and embedded JavaScripts in Microsoft office or any other data file types whether on premise or in your public or private clouds.

Solebit’s SoleGATE uses a static analysis which is faster, more accurate, not OS version dependent and covers 100% of your code, with complete visibility. With SoleGATE, every line of code is evaluated, making Sandbox evasion techniques ineffective. The platform is agnostic to file type, client-side application type, or the client operating system used within the organization. Unlike a Sandbox which has to simulate specific customer environments, SoleGATE provides protection regardless of operating system, CPU architecture, and function (client, server) of the targeted machine.

See for yourself what SoleGATE can do to deliver evasion proof security for your organization today. Register for a free trial today.

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