Iran's New Nation State Bad Actors

What happens when electric grids, water plants, as well as health care and technology companies all get infected with malware at the same time? Absolute chaos!  And that is why nation states orchestrate an army of bad actors with specific targets in site. The motivation is the same as most every attack: money or damage, but most likely it will be for both money and damage.

US Government Warning

It’s bad enough when a lone cyber criminal or disgruntled employee is all you have to fear infecting to content with malware. It’s much worse when an orchestrated effort is done at the country level.  According to Netformation: 

“The bad actors involved in nation state hacking are often enlisted military personnel (government employees) who work regular, every day shifts from eight to five o’clock and typically have been hand-picked for their role in the process because of the particular skills and interests they possess. They commute to work, they complain about their bosses, and they design attacks to bypass some of the most sophisticated security measures in the industry.”

So, you know you will need to buckle down and be more prepared with your cyber security strategy when the US Government issues a warning and an entire country waging cyber war on American businesses. A recent NBC news article headlined “Iran has laid groundwork for extensive cyberattacks on U.S., say officials” reported: 

“Iranian hackers have laid the groundwork to carry out extensive cyberattacks on U.S. and European infrastructure and on private companies, and the U.S. is warning allies, hardening its defenses and weighing a counterattack, say multiple senior U.S. officials.”

A continued by saying,

“While Russia may be the most aggressive, the U.S. officials said Iran is making preparations that would enable denial-of-service attacks against thousands of electric grids, water plants, and health care and technology companies in the U.S., Germany, the U.K. and other countries in Europe and the Middle East.”

This discussion was from a recent gathering of administration and security professionals at the annual Aspen Security Forum. You can also find more details on the anatomy of a nation state hack here.

2018 Aspen Security Forum

Every year at the Aspen Security Forum, key homeland and national security issues of the day are explored in detail during three days of in-depth discussion. This year’s July 18-21 event drew key administration officials from Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats to FBI Director Chris Wray, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Iran is yet another of the new players engaging in cyber terrorism game and was a widely discussed topic at this year’s forum. You can get all of the highlights as well as see video footage of the conference on the ASF website here.

Prevent Nation State Bad Actors

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