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You have probably heard the axiom “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, but do you know where that statement came from, why it was written in the first place and why it is appropriate to your cyber security strategy today? Most people know that this famous phrase comes courtesy of Benjamin Franklin, but most don’t know it was in reference to fire safety and the movement of coals from room to room back in 1733. Today, we don’t really rely on moving live coals to heat rooms so this axiom has been cooped for else everything safety related from healthcare to sports to competitive business plans to yes, you guessed it, cyber security strategies.

A Pound Of Cure

Cyber threat protection started out under the premise, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” Specifically taking a signature-based approach to identifying unique occurrences of malware and its associated digital signature and then preventing that signature from entering your network again. The great news is that if you weren’t infected on first (i.e. day zero) then you could take advantage of the protection if you updated your signature database fast enough, else you were subjected to the same zero-day impact as every other organization, forcing you to then remediate the damage.

But, how do you prevent what you don’t even know exists yet?

A Ounce Of Prevention

Yes, preventing something that hasn’t even been invented yet sounds hard. But the good news is that you do know what should be safe inside your enterprise and therefore understand what should versus should be present.  With this in mind, great cyber threat prevention solutions can look for anomalies and make valid judgement calls that they don’t belong and therefore are most likely malware.

So, cyber threat prevention is actually easier than you may think. The best solution requires a real-time, evasion-proof approach that protects against advanced cyber-attacks, zero-day threats and malware before they impact your organization. Ideally this solution will deliver the three primary values:

  1. Prevent, Don’t Remediate: Strengthen your cyber defenses dramatically by preventing attacks before they enter and harm your organization, your customers and your brand. Remediation is costly, prevention is not.
  2. Detect the Undetected: Identify any malicious or hidden code within incoming data files whether on your network or in a cloud. What you don’t know or cannot see can harm you.
  3. Avoid the Firedrill: Proactively and radically improve the agility of your cyber security. Finally, you can detect and protect against unknown (”zero-day”) risks, so at last you can take the panic out of cyber security.

Why Remediate When You Can Prevent It In The First Place?

To be truly preventative, your cyber security solution should deliver instantaneous end-to-end, evasion-proof security for any kind of network based non-executable content for a variety of persistently used attack vectors such as email, web, and cloud file sharing applications, challenging the norms that rely on slow, costly and mostly outdated, ineffective methods of sandboxing, signatures and behavioral inspection. The SoleGATE™ premise is simple: executable code in any type of non-executable content such as datafiles and datastreams is malware, and therefore should not be permitted to enter any organization. And, finally, SoleGATE (now part of Mimecast) is conclusive: content is either infected (quarantined) or it is not (clean). There is no behavioral analysis or guesswork, so you can prevent cyber threats instead of remediating the damage.

SoleGATE applies to protection against malware in active content and file-less malware as well. Active content such as macros is de-obfuscated no matter the level of nesting or encryption and evaluated using the patented DvC™ parser-based engine to determine its true purpose. Malicious scripts, links and URLs that may be hidden, self-extracting or even on remote servers are instantaneously analyzed and determined to be clean or not.

Get Solebit’s whitepaper on a transformative, evasion-proof approach against modern cyber-attacks that doesn’t require sandboxing. It will outline how to strengthen your cyber defenses dramatically by preventing attacks before they enter and harm your organization, your customers and your brand. Remediation is costly, prevention is not.

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