A Transformative Approach To Ensure Safe Content

It’s no secret that content is growing exponentially on a daily basis. According to an IDC report titled Data Age 2025, “the worldwide data creation will grow to an enormous 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. That’s ten times the amount of data being produced in 2017”. With this increase in content comes the inevitable increase in cyber treats.

Your Content Is Not Safe

Content, whether through datafiles or data streams, is the one of the most common and pervasive methods by which malware infiltrates an enterprise. Current security approaches cannot ensure that incoming network-based content is free of malware because they fail to identify, let alone prevent, zero-day malware and unknown threats hidden in content. Moreover, such approaches are resource intensive, slow and evadable - all of which affect an enterprise’s bottom line and profitability. What is needed today is evasion-proof, instantaneous, end-to-end security for any kind of network based non-executable content for a variety of persistently used attack vectors such as email, web, and cloud file sharing applications.

Sandboxes And CDR Is Not Enough

Network sandboxes are a more established category of anti-malware solutions for the past decade and have historically focused on email gateways. They are, as such, limited to covering only one attack vector, albeit it’s persistence and importance. Sandboxes require precise supported configurations of client-side applications, and the ecosystem of technology stacks and OS’s for effective operation, else they can be bypassed (by even non-smart malware) or provide a false sense of security due to high number of false negatives. They are also inherently slow since they are based on file ‘detonation’ or runtime analysis, which take time. Moreover, sandboxes do not provide a conclusive result, which means that a number of results needs to be analyzed by other systems or human capital that is costly and additionally time-consuming. Enterprises simply do not have the luxury of time, especially when it comes to security.

CDR technology as an anti-malware solution is newer, but incredibly difficult in execute effectively given what it entails. Plus, this type of solution focuses on email attachments only and as such, is limited to one type of threat.

A Transformative Approach To Ensuring Safe Content 

The threat landscape has evolved in complexity considerably with the shift to cloud computing. Additionally, malware has become smarter and craftier. Contemporary malware protection approaches such as antivirus and sandboxing (standalone or integrated) have become commonplace, but they are signature and behavior-based, which by definition implies their inability to identify advanced threats and zero-day attacks for which no patterns, signatures or behaviors exist. Furthermore, such solutions are slow, resource intensive and limited to only attack vector such as email, and equally importantly, evadable by smart malware. New concepts such as CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction) technology to address content security are incredibly difficult to execute effectively and fall far short in sustainable accuracy and minimizing latency of results.

The SoleGATE platform avoids the pitfalls of these approaches in the market today through the use of static analysis, which is extremely fast (millisecond latency), incredibly accurate (0.00002% false positive rate), client-side application/technology stack/OS independent (un-evadable), and provides 100% coverage of all incoming content, whether through email, web or cloud (truly cross-domain).  SoleGATE parses, evaluates and de-obfuscates every line of code that may be embedded or hidden in content whether it’s in a datafile, stream, active content or file-less malware, without the need for file detonation, runtime analysis, or sanitization/reconstruction.

DvC™ is the patented technology that powers SoleGATE. DvC™ has no assumptions on threat heuristics or behaviors, or patterns, but works on the premise that there is no legitimate reason for executable code to be present in any content that is a data file or stream. Active content and file-less malware are similarly analyzed using a hybrid approach encapsulated within DvC™. As such, SoleGATE is conclusive in its results. Content infected with malware is quarantined and that which is clean is let through. There is no guesswork, no prediction, no timeout. Your content is guaranteed to be clean (or not).

The SoleGATE software protection platform is truly versatile compared to its competitors. It is easily delivered as a cloud service, on-premise solution or any hybrid combination thereof directly for Office365 and G-Suite, and through a powerful REST API for cloud file sharing applications (Box, Amazon S3, etc.) and for web proxies through an easy ICAP integration.

See for yourself what SoleGATE can do to deliver evasion proof security and ensure your coin vault is safe today. Register for a free trial today.

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